Weekly Photo Challenge: Between


Although this image looks like it is between me and the clouds, I prefer to think of this image in terms of location, which is BETWEEN Texas and New Mexico.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting Moment

My spoiled animals!

Fleeting moment (on the street) has been a tough.  Everytime I got in the car I had the camera close at hand.  One of two things would happen, I wasn’t fast enough to capture the moment OR my shitty crappy camera couldn’t zoom in enough to get a great shot.  It is amazing what you see when you are actually LOOKING for a fleeting moment.  (or even the lack there of)  I would find myself driving for miles and couldn’t find anything worth my time.

I finally gave up, came home, popped open a beer, and sat on my patio.  Lo and behold, my dogs were having the CUTEST fleeting moment.  My Lab was letting the pocket beagle sleep nestled up against her.  I call it a fleeting moment because they are normally biting at each others legs playing.  This fleeting moment of doggy love is what did it for me.

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