To Flash or Not to Flash

In an effort to amp up my blog and transition from scholarly writing to creative writing, I found NaBloPoMo, which offers daily writing prompts.  I am almost scared to use the link because NaBloPoMo’s motto is to get ya writing every day.  That is right, every damn day!  I would love to do so but I am still trying to finish up my last college semester, so let’s not be rigid and cut a girl some slack until next month.  But without further ado, the prompt for today is:


What is the dumbest thing you and a partner ever fought about?


Hubs and I don’t have the perfect “Leave it to Beaver” relationship but I am really struggling with this topic.  We get along pretty well but when we fight, it is usually about pretty serious shit, like money or sex.  He is passive and I am aggressive, so I guess that means we have a passive-aggressive relationship.  However, in 21 years of marriage I can only recall a handful of serious conflicts so I guess that means we are pretty compatible.




I think the most hilarious disagreement was about whether or not I should be using the built in flash mode on my camera to take photos outside.  Yea, I’m not kidding…


I had bought a new rama-zama camera and was practicing some portrait shots of him in the harsh sunlight (worst time to take pics).  As I snapped the shutter, in his know it all voice he said, “why are you using flash”?  (of course he was also looking at me as if I had a dick hanging out of my ear too) To which I replied, “to get rid of the shadows on your face”.


He wouldn’t budge and had that all annoying look about him and began speaking to me as if I was a little child playing with my first Fischer Price camera.  I mean, he has taken some pretty bad ass landscape shots but c’mon ~ I had just gotten back from a photography class, which means I really did know it all.  (insert some sarcasm and humor)


I continued to listen to his gabbing, picked up my camera, and snapped another shot of him without flash, walked up to him, and said “LOOK at this”!!  Sure enough mama was right; his face was as dark as a funeral procession while the one taken with the flash was of course superb.


Silence ensued for awhile


And then….. “Hmmm, not a bad photo of me, huh babe?”

In my mind, I was thinking um… #winning 😉

I am often shocked at the things other couples fight about and am truly grateful for our awesome relationship.

Until next time (maybe tomorrow)



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